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Rice Bran Oil Molecular Distillation Equipment

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Type: Complete equipment for molecular distillation of rice bran oil, rice bran oil molecular distillation technology

Production capacity: 20-600 Tons per day

Rice Bran Oil Molecular Distillation Processing material: Rice bran oil, high acidity index oil

Main equipment of Rice Bran Oil Molecular Distillation: Degumming tank, centrifuging, oil boiler, fading tower, deodorization tower, vacuum pump, air compressors, air pulse, steam generator

Application: Intermittent/continuous rice saved from oil refining through closely molecular distillation technology

The molecular distillation technology of rice bran oil is a new process on the refining of rice bran oil developed by the present company in recent years, it is mainly completed according to the acidity index and the color of the rice bran, by liquid-liquid separation technology.

Huatai Oil Machinery patent products (CN 103320220 A) rice bran oil molecular distillation equipment adopts liquid-liquid separation technology, which is mainly used for the acidity index and the color of rice bran oil. It effectively resolves existing problems of fusion energy consumption, high cost, and serious environmental pollution in the rice bran oil refining process. This innovative rice bran oil refining technology is characterized by its high oil yield, low pollution and the high quality and purity of rice bran oil.

The introduction of rice bran oil molecular distillation equipment:

This is a type of physical rice bran oil refining technology of steam vacuum distillation adoption to remove AGL in raw rice bran oil instead of neutralization.

1) After heating, the crude rice bran oil is frozen in the refrigeration system and sent to the filtering system. Rice bran oil enters the degassing system after it is heated in the heater, and then enters the deacidification system when heated to 220-255 ℃;

2) Rice bran oil flows in molecular distillation after cooling. The light component is pumped into the cooling system in a 5-30Pa high vacuum and the flow in the light component tank. The heavy component separates and flows to the heavy component tank at the same time;

3) The following heating process will make pumped light component in the light of the 0.1-10Pa high vacuum component collection tank, and the heavy component flows into the heavy component collection tank;

4) Rice bran oil enters the tank through the safer crystallization of fat and efficient cooling in the condenser. Refined rice bran oil is obtained after filtration in the filter;

5) Key feature of rice bran oil molecular distillation equipment: High oil yield, high purity oil, no waste water emission, first-grade refined rice bran oil, low investment, less auxiliary.


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