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Deodorization Tower of Rice Bran Oil

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Product Introduction: Deodorizing is the final stage in Edible Oil Refining Process in order to remove the small molecule odor organic matter, the odoriferous material, the free fatty acids and other undesired minor components in oil by steam distillation under condition of high temperature and vacuum to produce bland oil with a good shelf life. It needs be equipped with vacuum distillate, capture, high temperature heat exchange system etc.

Deodorization and Dehydration Section: General speaking, the crude oil doesn't smell good, it will affect oil storage and the selling price. So we usually use the direct steam to get rid of odors. At the meanwhile, there is about 0.5% water content in refined oil, because of the high temperature in the deodorization tower or pot, dehydration section is also finished in this part. 

In common, the terrible smell of the crude oil will affect the oil storage and price. In the oil deodorization process, we remove off some terrible flavor substances by means of steam distillation in the process of high temperature and high vacuum conditions. And the oil deodorization process also can be applied to other oil seeds, such as peanut, soybean, cottonseed etc.

Operating Principle: It begins to heating after the decolorized oil pumped into the deodorization pot or the deodorization tower. When the temperature reaches above 260℃, the direct steam is added to take the odors away. At the same time, the 0.5% moisture in the oil which is produced during rinsing section needs be took out.

Key Factors:

1) Temperature: Increasing the temperature causes a rapid increase in the vapor pressure of the odor substances, it can reduce the amount of direct steam, the peroxide is also beneficial to the removal of the decomposition of carotenoid. High temperature for deodorization is favorable, but it is limited, too much will have adverse effects.

2) Vacuum: Vacuum high, you can reduce the amount of direct steam to reduce deodorization time, reduce the loss of fat hydrolysis, can be obtained free fatty acids containing low refined oil. There is also help prevent high temperature oxidation grease. Generally use three steam jet pump, if necessary, available four steam jet pumps.

3) Steam Rate: If the rate is high, it can shorten the deodorizing time. Empirically derived optimal conditions deodorized oil by the amount of steam was 125 kg/hr.

4) deodorization Time: The Shorter time is better, but also need to remain for some time in the deodorization temperature (called dwell time) in order to improve the stability of oil and fat. Usually intermittent deodorization need 3-8 hours, continuous deodorization 15 to 20 minutes.

Craft Features: 

1) It is the mainly equipment of deodorization section, divided into the tower type, packing type, combined type etc.;

2) All stainless steel is fully closed structure, long service life, less steam consumption, short deodorization time and good oil quality.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity (T/D) Barrel Diameter (mm)  Operating Temperature (℃)  Operating Vacuum Degree (MPa)
LYP200 50-110 2000 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYP280 110-120 2800 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYP340 160-330 3400 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT80 200 800 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT120 300 1200 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT160 400 1600 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT200 500 2000 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT240 600 2400 ≤260 ≤0.096


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