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Crystallization Tank & Maturing Tank of Rice Bran Oil

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Product Introduction: The crystallization tank and maturing tank is mainly used in the oil dewaxing section.

Maturing tank is mainly used for the crystallization of high melting point substances in the oil. It is the main equipment in the Oil Refining Workshop for winterization and fractionation. The equipment is mainly used for cooling crystallization of high melting point substances in the oil. Multiple series connection of maturing tank can realize the continuous production of dewaxing process, which is also convenient for automatic control of the production with convenient operation, low labor intensity and power consumption. Through constant stirring of the stirring device to realize heat dissipation and uniform cooling of oil in the tower, so as to ensure the crystallization of materials with high melting point from the oil with suitable rate to achieve stable production.

Craft Features: Simple and convenient operation and maintenance, easy to cleaning, stable operation and low energy consumption.

Technical Parameters:

Model Diameter (mm) Power (kw)
YJG1600 1600 4
YJG1800 1800 5.5
YJG2000 2000 7.5
YJG2200 2200 11
YJG2400 2400 15


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