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Types of Rice Bran Oil Machinery


For rice bran oil production, there must rely on rice bran oil processing machine. Generally, rice bran oil machine serves for rice bran pretreatment, rice bran oil pressing or extraction, rice bran oil refinery.

Rice Bran Oil Making Process
To produce high quality rice bran oil, a series of rice bran oil production process should be involved. Generally, there are two oil extraction methods for rice bran oil, oil pressing for small scale rice bran oil production line, expeller-extrusion and solvent extraction for large scale rice bran oil mill plant. The detailed process is listed below for reference.

Rice Bran Oil Pressing Process
Rice Bran → Selection → Mixing with Rice → Adding Water → Steaming or Cooking → Pressing → Crude Rice Bran Oil Filtration → Crude Rice Bran Oil Refining

Rice Bran Oil Expeller-extrusion and Solvent Extraction Process
Rice Bran → Cleaning → Tempering → Extrusion →  Drying and Cooling →  Solvent Extraction → Crude Rice Bran Oil Filtration → Crude Rice Bran Oil Refining

Our company offers completely tested, QC passed, cost effective and superior quality machinery for rice bran oil extraction and refinery plant with varied capacities based on the requirement of our customers. In addition to these features, our rice bran oil making machines requires fewer maintenance issues and is equipped with a user-friendly mode. Moreover, our rice bran oil extraction machine or rice bran oil mill plant is furnished with the latest technology which helps customers in energy proficient as compared to the other offerings in the market.

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