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How to Improve the Oil Yield of Cold Press Machinery?


For the cold press oil machine, how to improve the oil yield of oil raw materials is very important for customers. Henan Huatai Oil Machinery will introduce to improve the oil yield of oil raw materials when cold press.

1. Selected raw materials
The oil raw materials should be selected carefully for the appropriate raw materials. Raw materials should be dried and cleaned before pressing. If the raw materials are not selected, not only the oil yield will be greatly reduced, but also the wear of the machine will be accelerated.

2. Selected cold press machinery

The quality of the cold press also has a crucial impact on the oil yield of the oil raw materials. The selection of the appropriate specification principle of the cold press will be better for the squeezing effect of the raw materials.

3. Selected meal status

If the cake is too thick and the oil content in the cake is too high, the residual oil content in the cake will directly reduce the oil yield of the raw material. If the thickness of the cake is selected properly, the oil yield of the oil raw material can be increased to a certain extent.

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