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What Are The Factors Affecting Fractionation by Cooking Oil Extraction Equipment


For the vegetable oil machinery, the oil extraction at the later stage is very important for the final quality of the oil. Henan Huatai Oil Machinery will introduce the influencing factors that affect the oil fractionation.

1. Oil quality

For the oil processed by the cooking oil extraction processing equipment, the composition of different quality oil will be different, as well as the influence of different processes in the process of oil processing, which makes it different to separate the oils

2. Seed and heterogeneous nucleus

The so-called crystal seed refers to the crystal nucleus formed first in the process of cooling crystallization, and can induce solid fat to precipitate and grow around it. In the process of palm oil fractionation, solid fatty acids with similar structure to those in solid fat are generally added. Sometimes, the fat is not deacidified, and the free fatty acids are used as seed to facilitate the growth of fat crystal. The heterogeneous crystal core refers to the crystal precipitated due to the temperature lower than the solidification point of the solid grease in the process of refining and transportation.

3. Crystallization temperature and cooling rate

In the palm oil fractionation, because the three acyl carbon chains of triglyceride are relatively long, there will be severe undercooling and supersaturation during crystallization, and the crystallization temperature is often far lower than the freezing point of solid fat. The cooling rate depends on the temperature difference between the cooling medium and the grease and the heat transfer area. If the temperature difference is too large, crystal nuclei will form on the surface of the heat exchanger, which will affect the heat exchange and delay the fractionation process.

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