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How to Choose the Filter in the Process of Edible Oil Decolorization?


Filtration is an indispensable operation process of cooking oil machinery in the refining process. Oil refining and decolorization process require filtering clay and winterization process to filter wax. Both are solid and liquid phase separation oil filtration equipment. In the current refining process of cooking oil machinery, blade vibration filters are widely used, including NYB high-efficiency plate filters and WYB horizontal vertical blade filters. Every vegetable oil manufacturer can choose it according to their own needs. The following complete set of edible oil extraction machinery manufacturer Henan Huatai Oil Machinery analyzes the selection of filters in oil machinery in details.

1. NYB vertical high efficiency plate filter

The filter plate of this filter is composed of multiple layers of stainless steel filter plates of different specifications, with a flow channel in the middle, and metal on both sides for the filter medium. The filter cake formed by circulation is used for filtering, and the filtering effect is relatively good. This type of filter has a small volume, completely closed filtration, closed slag discharge, no environmental pollution, and good filtering effect and filter cake drying effect, and it is currently widely used. However, because of its vertical structure, the filtering area is limited during the use of the oil equipment.

2. WYB horizontal vertical blade filter

The principle of this oil filter is that the filter medium is the same as the NYB vertical high-efficiency plate filter, with closed filtration and better filtration effect. After the filtration, the slag discharge process is different from the NYB vertical high-efficiency plate filter. The rear shell of the filter moves backwards mechanically to discharge slag. Part of the filter plates are not clear which can be manually assisted in cleaning. In addition, this filter has a larger filtering area than the first filter.

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