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Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment Removes Impurities from Oil


As we all know, rice bran oil is a consumption oil for edible oils. It has rich nutritional value and is a common choice for home consumption. The quality of rice bran oil has been improved once again after it has been processed by rice bran oil refining equipment. How do oil refining equipment remove the impurities in rice bran oil? Huatai Oil Machinery to give you a brief analysis below:

1. The rice bran oil refining machinery removes the insoluble solid impurities in the rice bran oil, and extracts useful substances: removing impurities such as the sand in the crude oil, cake powder impurities, fiber and other impurities. It also includes saponins, oil horns, clay and catalysts produced during the rice bran oil refining process.

2. The rice bran oil refining equipment removes colloidal impurities such as free fatty acids, sulfur compounds, sterols, fertility powder, aflatoxin, pigments, and trace elements.

3. The rice bran oil refining equipment removes volatile impurities: including moisture, phenols, hydrocarbon solvent odor substances, etc., which are likely to adversely affect the quality and storage of rice bran oil.

The above is the type of impurities removed by the rice bran oil refining equipment.

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