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The Notes for Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machinery during Operation


The rice bran oil extraction machinery should always pay more attention to whether the operation is standard when running. Because the operation of the rice bran oil extraction equipment is directly related to the quality of the oil extracted. There are several points to note in the operation of the oil extraction machinery:

1. The temperature of the rice bran oil extraction machine production environment. In particular, the temperature of the raw material and the flowing part of the oil press machine has a great influence on the efficiency of the oil extractor. If the temperature is too low, the oil yield is low; if the temperature is too high, the oil quality is degraded. After the oil extractor is started for 30 minutes, the oil residue should be inspected. The oil residue should have a certain hardness and be plastic and easy to form (if the oil residue is hard and non-plastic, the heating temperature is too high; if the oil residue is loose and difficult to form, it will indicate that the heating temperature is low).

2. During the operation, the working operating temperature of the rice bran oil extraction machinery should be checked frequently. Under normal circumstances, the actual temperature of the rice bran oil extractor should be the same as the set temperature after the machine is started for 40~50min, (if the temperature is low, it means that the heater is not working normally or the raw material humidity of the feeding bin is too high).

3. In different seasons, the production temperature of the rice bran oil extraction machinery is different. Please pay attention to the appropriate oil extraction temperature.

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